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These 7 pieces of resin terrain represent rocks. All seven have a rough craggy texture that can easily be painted using a diluted black ink wash over a basecoat and drybrushing lighter grey or sand colour to bring out the detail and 'grain' of the surface.

They can be used for scenery in woods, forrests, fields or in the urban environment and for cover. They can also be used on any invasion beach as they look like the tips of deeper rock formations, the bases of which are covered by sand or water.

They can be used for WW1, WW2 and WW3 as well as for fantasy, Warhammer, sci-fi, 40k, LOTR and medieval.

"Forget Brighton" said Sam. "These craggy rocks from Urban Construct are reminding me to pack a hammer next time!"


The smaller rocks are 12 to 18mm high, by 20mm wide on average. The larger rocks are 18 to 25mm high by 20 to 25mm wide.

Figures in the photos are not included in the price.

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